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Sign up to receive our monthly Prize Club Bundle for just $40 plus shipping (over 40% off retail value of over $60).  The Prize Club Bundle includes an exclusive themed 3-wick candle with a $40+ ring and an exclusive surprise product.

As a Prize Club member, you are automatically entered into our Prize Club Monthly Sweepstake where a lucky winner will win an exclusive grand prize each month.



It’s your membership to receive exclusive items at more than 40% off each month. Every month, you will automatically receive the Prize Club Bundle. Our Prize Club theme is Jewels Across America. We will take you on a destination to a new place in America each month.

A New Destination Every Month!

What's In The Bundle?

Exclusive 16oz Jewelry Candle

1 Hidden Jewel Valued $40

Plus Exclusive Surprise Product

Jewels of America Road Trip Map

Specialty Postcard for Each Destination

Custom Collector Sticker for Each Destination

We're Taking You to Colorado

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If you sign up between June 1st through the 10th of the month (or while supplies last), you will receive the second batch of June's Georgia Bundle. Your Bundle will ship out by the end of the 20th business day, which is scheduled for June 28th of 2018.

If you had signed up between the July 11th through July 31st, 2018 at 11:59pm PDT, you would have been the first recipients of July's Florida Prize Club Bundle. This batch is scheduled to ship by the 5th business day of the following month, which is scheduled for July 9th of 2018.

Hawaii Bundle - Island Coconut Breeze
Order Date Ship Date
February 21st - February 28th March 7th
March 1st - March 10th March 28th

Texas Bundle - Watermelon Punch
Order Date Ship Date
March 11th - March 31st April 6th
April 1st - April 10th April 27th

Maryland Bundle - Sakura Cherry Blossom
Order Date Ship Date
April 11th - April 30th May 7th
May 1st - May 10th May 28th

Oregon Bundle - Blueberry Pie
Order Date Ship Date
May 11th - May 31st June 6th
June 1st - June 10th June 28th

Georgia Bundle - Summer Peach
Order Date Ship Date
June 11th - June 31st July 9th
July 1st - July 10th July 27th

Florida Bundle - Key Lime Pie
Order Date Ship Date
July 11th - July 31st August 7th
August 1st - August 10th August 28th

Vermont Bundle - Apple Maple Crisp
Order Date Ship Date
August 11th - August 31st September 7th
September 1st - September 10th September 28th

Massachusetts Bundle - Boston Cream Pie
Order Date Ship Date
September 11th - September 30st October 5th
October 1st - October 10th October 26th
Arizona Bundle - Cinnamon Sugar Churro
Order Date Ship Date
October 11th - October 31st November 7th
November 1st - November 10th November 30th

Montana Bundle - Ponderosa Pine
Order Date Ship Date
November 11th - November 30st December 7th
December 1st - December 10th December 28th

Washington Bundle - Heirloom Coffee
Order Date Ship Date
December 11th - December 30th January 7th
January 1st - January 10th January 28th

Louisiana Bundle - Sugared Beignets
Order Date Ship Date
January 11th - January 31st February 7th
February 1st - February 10th February 28th

Colorado Bundle - Bourbon Hot Cocoa
Order Date Ship Date
February 11th - February 28th March 7th
March 1st - March 10th March 28th

You will be billed upon placing an order for the Prize Club Membership. You will be billed every month on the same calendar day you signed up. For instance, if you signed up on February 21, you will be billed on March 21, April 21, and so on.

Yes it is. The Prize Club is available to US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. At this time, international orders will not be entered into the Prize Club Sweepstakes due to inernational laws.

Shipping to Canada: $11.95 (10-14 business days)
Shipping to Australia: $16.95 (10-14 business days)
Shipping to New Zealand: $17.95 (10-14 business days)

Yes. You can suspend or cancel your membership through My Account >> Recurring Payments. Reservations are limited. Should you suspend your membership, we reserve the right to cancel your membership should we run out of openings while your membership is suspended.

Buyers or senders of funds may cancel a Recurring Payment at any time up to 3 business days prior to the date the payment is scheduled to take place.

All subscription fees are nonrefundable once it is billed to your account.

You are automatically entered into that month’s sweepstakes by having a live membership to the Prize Club. You may also mail in an entry, see Offical Rules.

A random drawing will be had on the Febraury 28th at 10:00am PST for all orders made between the 11th of the previous month and the 10th of the current month. One winner will be selected to have a spin at the Wheel of Teal. A JewelScent representative will spin the Wheel of Teal that will determine the grand prize.

The winner of the Colorado Prize Club will be announced on Febraury 28th on our JewelScent’s Corporate Facebook page.

No. Prize Club Membership boxes are excluded from being calculated into Rewardable Sales. They will, however, be commissionable to the Virtual Party’s Consultant.

Your account may be suspended upon a decline of billing. Your Prize Club Bundle will be skipped upon failed billing. Your membership may be cancelled should we run out of openings. We do not re-attempt billing your card. *(PayPal will automatically attempt to bill every 5 days up to 3 times per month before that month permanently skips.)*

JewelScent Prize Club Sweepstakes: No Purchase Necessary. See Offical Rules.

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