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Host an online virtual party and get FREE products simply by sharing us with your friends. Launch a party in less than 10 seconds.

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Start your party

Start your party

Launch your virtual party by filling out the create party form. It takes less than 10 seconds to launch. Simply visit your account page.

Share party link

Share party link

Create events on Facebook and social media. Publish your party link as the destination. Or share your link directly via email and social media.

Rewards for purchase

Rewards for purchase

Earn up to 16% in reward points to be used as FREE credit onsite. Get up to 3x Half-Off items based on party sales. Earning rewards is as simple as sharing!

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How Host Rewards Work

You get reward points as a percentage of sales generated through your party. Reward points can be used as credit to purchase anything onsite. The greater the sales, the greater the reward.

The host will receive rewards for every level of sales. Those rewards are listed below.

# Of Orders Product Sales % Host Reward Reward Points Host Bonus
1 $200 8% $16 or more -
3 $100 8% $8 or more -
3 $150 10% $15 or more 1 x Half-Off Item
5 $250 12% $30 or more 2 x Half-Off Item(s)
5 $400 14% $56 or more 2 x Half-Off Item(s)
5 $600 16% $96 or more 3 x Half-Off Item(s)

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Frequently Asked QuestionsF A Q

How and when will I receive my rewards?

Reward Points are awarded as a percentage of product sales in the party. Reward points are issued once the party closes (at midnight following the end date). Reward Points will be credited to your account and expire 120 days from issuance. You can view the balance of points under My Account / My Reward Points.

How do I use my Reward Points?

Each Reward Point is worth $1 and can be used toward products purchased in your shopping cart. You can apply reward points at checkout.

Is there a limit on how many parties I can host?

You can host as many parties as you want. We suggest limiting the number of parties at a given time to maximize your host reward.

How long can a party be open?

Most parties last between 3-5 days. The max is 15 days, though we recommend parties lasting no longer than 7 days.

How do I know how my party is doing?

You will receive a daily party update with guest and order details. You can also view party details in the My Account section of the site and clicking My Socials in the menu.

How do I get people to visit my party?

Email and personal phone calls work the best. A personal invite is most powerful. You should also create a public Facebook event if you have an account. Also share links to your party on social media.

How do I know if my party is successful?

In order to earn host rewards, a party must have a minimum of 1 order reaching $200 in product sales OR 3 unique orders reaching $100 in product sales. The average party generates $300 in sales and 6 orders.

Disclaimer: Rewardable Sales exclude subscription memberships, Partner Brands’ products (non-JewelScent products), and Consultant Supplies.

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