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  • Colorado Subscription Bundle
  • Colorado Subscription Bundle

Colorado Subscription Bundle

$60.00 $45.00

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Each Bundle contains:
(1) 16oz Destination Themed 3-Wick Candle containing a hidden ring valued $40 or more ($44.99 Retail Value)
- Essentials Aroma Beads
- Destination Themed Postcard
- Destination Themed Stamp

Colorado - Bourbon Hot Cocoa scent

Rich tones of hot cocoa spiked with bourbon and a splash of coffee bean for a delicious aroma! Warm accents of vanilla balance out this creamy scent, that’ll make all your winter days warmer.

Note that the purchase of this will not include you in any Prize Club Sweepstakes drawings.

* Actual ring may not be the same as shown in picture.

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Scent Details
Top Notes Cocoa
Mid Notes Bourbon, Coffee
Base Notes Vanilla
Throw (Strength) Moderate
Produced in USA
Shipping & Warranty
Transit Time 3-7 Business Days (US) 7-14 Business Days (Canada) 10-21 Business Days (Australia / New Zealand)
Brand JewelScent

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