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  • Signature Dragon's Blood Candle
  • Signature Dragon's Blood Candle

Signature Dragon's Blood Candle


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100% coconut soy wax, made in california usa, eco-friendly and organic, paraben and phthalate free

A potent and earthy fragrance, this aroma combines notes of clove, patchouli and cedar with a citrus twist. Woody and rose tones give this sophisticated scent the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.Fresh and invigorating, this scent blends notes of crushed black peppercorn to bergamot, lemon, and lime. Soft rose and green pine accents add a bright element to an aroma that captures the scent of a dense forest.

This scent contains a earring or necklace valued from $20 ~ $7500. Actual jewerly may vary from pictured.

Scent Details
Top Notes Orange, Clove
Mid Notes Cedar, Rose, Patchouli
Base Notes Woody, Coumarin
Throw (Strength) Bold
Collection Signature
Ingredients Natural Organic Coconut & Soy Wax
Volume 10 oz. wax in 13.5 oz. container
Produced in USA
Dimensions 4.125" H, 3.25" D
Est. Burn Time 65 hours
Shipping & Warranty
Transit Time 3-7 business days
Brand JewelScent

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