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  • Barbados Jewelry Luxe Candle
  • Barbados Jewelry Luxe Candle
  • Barbados Jewelry Luxe Candle

Barbados Jewelry Luxe Candle


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Originated in Barbados, the grapefruit was discovered as an accidental hybrid of sweet orange and pomelo. First known as the “forbidden fruit”, it wasn’t until the 1900s when it was named grapefruit, for the way it grew in clusters like grapes.

This exotic scent combines ripe grapefruit slices, red strawberries, and tropical pineapple for a sweet, juicy base while tones of pomegranate accentuate the bouquet. Musky notes add warmth to this invigorating aroma.

Each LUXE Collection candle has a hidden jewel valued $40 - $7500

Our limited LUXE Collection offers you higher value jewels and more candle than our Classic Collection! Only a limited amount will be produced per scent, so get them while they're available.

* Actual ring may not be the same as shown in picture.

Scent Details
Top Notes Strawberry, Grapefruit
Mid Notes Sweet pea, Pineapple, Pomegranate
Base Notes Musk
Throw (Strength) Moderate
Colors White
Collection Luxe
Ingredients Natural Organic Coconut & Soy Wax
Volume 18 oz. wax in 22 oz. container
Produced in USA
Dimensions 4" H, 3.625" D
Est. Burn Time 120 hours
Shipping & Warranty
Transit Time 3-7 business days
Brand JewelScent

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