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First-class artisan fragrances are infused into soy-blended candles, creating a product of our line of Jewelry and Essentials candles that are a feast for the senses. Retreat to your self-made haven with the inviting glow of your favorite candle.


Classic Jewelry Candles

Our Classic candles feature hidden jewels valued $20 to $7500. Each Classic candle contains 16oz of natural soy blend wax in a 21oz lidded glass.


Signature Jewelry Candles

Our Signature Jewelry Candles feature premium fragrance and hidden earrings valued $20 to $7500 or hidden necklaces valued $24 to $7500. Each candle contains 10oz of natural soy blend wax in a 13.5oz glass.


Luxe Jewelry Candles

Our Luxe Jewelry Candles are limited edition and feature hidden jewels valued $40 to $7500.


Essentials Candles

Introducing our newly re-designed Essentials Candle line in our new coconut and soy blend wax. This line features no ring and is perfect for the everyday – dispersing luxurious fragrance with a minimalist look that evokes modern elegance.


Woodwick Essentials Candles

With our Woodwick Essentials Candles, your home decor and ambiance is effortlessly enhanced. This line features no ring, allowing it to be packed with more product, so you can immerse yourself in lavish aroma. Breathe in the delight of your favorite premium scents at an everyday value. Each candle features a beautiful slow-burning wooden wick.


We Made Too Much

Per your feedback, we’ve decided to put our excess subscriptions on site for sale. This is the perfect time to nab an extra item or two of the scent you absolutely love, or to try any scents that you may not have.

* Please note that the purchase of any of these items will not include you in any Prize Club Sweepstakes drawings.

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