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  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Body Crème
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Body Crème

Kiwi Passion Fruit Body Crème



Sweet, yet with a touch of tartness, this aroma blooms notes of green melon, strawberry, kiwi and apple. Accents of spun sugar, raspberry and violet are blended for a juicy and exotic fragrance.

New rich and moisturizing Essentials Body Crème that will nourish the skin with a lightly whipped feel for a silky smooth finish.
Caress your body in the luxurious decadence of our vitamin-enriched body creme with moisturizing Cupuacu and Shea butters! Let natural Moringa and Jojoba oils hydrate, as vitamins A, C and E deeply nourish your skin; for a result that is polished, glowing and oh, so soft!

Scent Details
Top Notes Green melon, Sweet
Mid Notes Strawberry, Kiwi, Apple
Base Notes Spun sugar, Raspberry, Violet
Throw (Strength) Moderate
Ingredients Cupuacu and Shea butters, Moringa and Jojoba oils
Volume 5.5 oz.
Produced in California, USA
Dimensions 4"W, 4"D, 1.5"H
Shipping & Warranty
Transit Time 3-7 business days
Brand JewelScent

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