Become A Consultant

Take part in a fun and lucrative opportunity.

Represent JewelScent and earn money building a Consultant organization.

Get 20% off your own purchases and earn cash, not just credit.
Earn 20% (up to 25%) on your personal retail sales.
Earn 5% on the wholesale sales of second and third level consultants you sponsor.



GOLD KIT - $99 $79

+ free shipping - December Special
- Personalized Ecommerce Store
- Virtual Rep Back-Office for Tracking Commissions, Sales, etc.
- 1 Full-Sized Signature Candle
- 1 Full-Sized Wax Tart
- 1 Full-Size Fragrance Bead
- 1 Full-Size Moroccan Argan Oil Soap
- 50 Order Forms
- 3x Monthly Software Fee ($10 Monthly) - $30 value
- Advanced Support / Training / Consultant-Only Forum
- JewelScent Branded Visa Commission Card
- over $175 in value
- includes everything in virtual kit
- free shipping


Personalized Ecommerce Store
Virtual Rep Back-Office
3x Monthly Software Fee ($10 Monthly) - $30 value
Advanced Support / Training / Consultant-Only Forum

* A monthly software fee of $10 will be billed on the 4th month and after your sign-up date.
* Additional samples and media images can be purchased as supplies
* Additional business supplies are available for purchase once you've signed up.
* Allow 5-7 business days to process.
* Consultant Kits are non-refundable.


  • Earn 35% total commissions from personal and downline sales.
  • Purchase items with your 20% consultant discount.
  • Get a personalized ecommerce store to share and sell from.
  • Orders ship directly to your customer.
  • automated everything. your customers order, we ship, and you earn.
  • receive a notification with each sale you generate.
  • commissions paid bi monthly - processed on the 1st and 16th of each month.


What's the upfront cost to join?

You must purchase a starter scent kit to represent JewelScent as a Consultant. The Gold Kit is now $99 (previously $145) and includes your personalized ecommerce store, backoffice, three full-sized items, and three months software fees. As a consultant, you will also receive advanced support, training, and access to the consultant-only forum.

Is there a minimum that i have to sell?

There is no minimum. But there is a monthly software fee of $10 to cover the cost of technology, upgrades and backoffice development.

Do you have a catalog?

We do not currently have a catalog that you can sell from. You can print out the items by category and use them for presentation.

How do I sell your product?

You have a personalized E-commerce site with a custom URL of your choosing. People that register or buy through your site will be linked to you forever. You will earn on all future orders from those customers.

You can also sell products offline. Simply write the order by hand (downloadable order forms available in back office) and create the order for them online when you get in front of a computer.

Why is there a monthly fee?

The monthly fee is to cover the cost of support, ongoing technical development, and server maintenance. As the number consultants grow, so will the number of backoffice features.

Can I sell your product on ebay or other online channels?

No - you can only sell product through your personalized eCommerce site, catalog, phone, or direct. You can not put JewelScent items up for sell on 3rd party retailer sites.

When do you pay commissions?

Commissions are processed on the 1st and 16th of each month, and transferred directly into your e-wallet account. JewelScent Visa Commission Card coming soon!

Is there training?

Absolutely! A full suite of training and support is available right away! Your consultant sponsor will touch base shortly after you've signed up. They will help you launch your JewelScent business, and also be your continued point of contact for guidance and support. Remember, you're in business for yourself but never by yourself!


Select your items and you're on your way

You'll receive an email after sign-up with instructions on how to pick your candle, aroma beads, and soap. Your kit will ship in 3-5 business days. In the meantime, you'll gain access to our Consultant Community where you can familiarize yourself with details about the compensation plan, training, referrals, etc...

Create your microsite

You will select custom username where your microsite will be hosted.
eg: Customers who arrives to your site via your microsite URL will see you as their sponsor. Once they register with JewelScent, they are your customer forever. You earn from every purchase they make, forever.

Start referring friends, and their friends

Use tools like pinterest to create pinboards and share them with friends. Have them re-share your boards with their friends. Email your address book with our INVITE &EARN page or send them a custom invitation that includes your microsite URL.

Additional stock or take away purchase

You will receive 20% discount on ALL purchases from Jewelscent. You can purchase additional samples or stock up on immediate inventory that you can sell directly in person.


Start your business simply by sharing our glow with people you know. Build a network of members and consultants to maximize potential. Earn commissions on every purchase, forever.



Your direct customers (members). - Earn 20% from each purchase.
Members referred by your direct members. - Earn 5% from each purchase.
* Receive an additional 5% if your Personal Sales Volume (PSV) exceeds $1,000 in a given month.


A consultant you directly sponsored. - Earn 5% from each purchase.
Consultants' direct members. - Earn 5% from each purchase.
Other members referred by their Consultants' members. - Earn 5% from each purchase.


A consultant sponsored by a LEVEL 2 consultant. - Earn 5% from each purchase.
Consultants' direct members. - Earn 5% from each purchase.


Gold Kit - $99 $79 + free shipping - December special
Virtual Kit - $49




* special kit discount is already applied!


Unlike traditional direct or party plan, you can launch your business through social media and inviting customers to your microsite. You can still do home parties, but now you employ social media and the Internet to expand your business.


Once a customer registers with you, they're yours forever. We re-market to them for you via email, ads and other paid media and you still earn, forever.

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